The Exhibition Hall of Architect Bohuslav Fuchs is located in the author’s native village, not far from his birthplace, in the former school building from 1888, in the premises formerly used by the Municipal Library, and is open to the public on Wednesday 15 pm and on Sunday 24 pm.

The exhibition was made in close cooperation with the Faculty of Architecture in Brno and The Brno City Museum, under the guidance of Jiri Palacky, Associate Professor, M.Arch., Ph.D. The exhibition was prepared with help of local citizens, councilors, the owner of the castle, exhibition partners, students and academic staff from the Faculty of Architecture of the Brno University of Technology.

©Jiri Palacky.


The main idea of the exhibition is to be a permanent reminder of the Bohuslav Fuchs‘ reference in his native village, and stress the importance of his hometown, humble and picturesque region for the artist’s inspiration, hard work, tenacity and diligence, through which he achieved recognition.

©Jiri Palacky.

The individual exhibits are accompanied by rich visual means, consisting of archive and contemporary photographs, documents, plans, films, audio recordings, etc. The exhibition is intended primarily for professionals, but at the same time it is deliberately designed so that its content and visual elements would certainly attract also a wider nonprofessional public.

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